With today's internet threats and programmers everywhere trying to defy and find ways around current virus protections, it is still inevitable to catch a computer virus, adware, spyware, worms, and trojans. We have been known to perform mericals on damaged or virus infected systems...Let us try to recover your lost data for youThese threats can range from non-malicious to system critical and can comprimise your privacy. We offer from time to time our consulting services to assist in the cleaning your system of these threats and make your computer faster and safer to use. Our rates depend on issue level, if a visit is needed and the location and the time required to fix the issue. Remote repair and training services are available as well in some instances. Please, inquire about how we might be of assistance to your system needs.

We Can Remove Those Nasty Viruses From Your Systems

Did your hard drive crash? Don't want to lose your photos and important file? Before you pull your hair out contact us. Sometimes data can be recovered and restored. Nothing is promised but we have been known to do maricles. We also install and remove hardware and build custom computer systems upon request.